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Wooden crate covers

Amish Wooden Dog Crate Cover

The Amish Dog Crate Cover is a great way to improve the aesthetics of a home’s interior eliminating any embarrassment over your pet’s wire crate. With dogs being den-based animals, it can be negative for a pet’s place of security to suddenly be removed.

Designed to fit in with your décor, the Amish Dog Crate Cover allows you to keep your animal’s area the same while it blends in with the family atmosphere. The crates are made of solid wood coming in Brown Maple and Oak. The workmanship is high quality and the cuts are clean and presentable. Many choices of wood and stains to match your décor. See stain color tab

This Crate Cover also comes in a variety of sizes custom made to fit your crate.

Medium up to 18” x 24” Outside 4 ½” bigger than your crate size

Large up to 24” x 36” Outside 4 ½” bigger than your crate size

Extra Large up to 27” x 42” Outside 4 ½” bigger than your crate size

Jumbo up to 30” x 48” Outside 2.5” bigger than your crate size

The Cover also has the option of a lift top lid for extra storage space.

This product is ideal for those who are trying to crate train their dog but do not want to go through the hassle of moving or covering the crate every time they have company. The Amish Dog Crate Cover optimizes your space with a beautiful piece of furniture. Pinnacle Woodcraft happily accept custom orders to ensure that you get exactly the shape and size you are looking for your particular crate. This piece is so stylish that it can also double as an End Table or TV stand suitable for the living room or a bedroom. The Amish Dog Crate Cover is a great investment for those who want to keep their pets in the home without sacrificing style and taste.