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Metal Legs

Heavy Duty Hair Pin Metal Legs

Heavy duty hair pin metal legs provide a professional, stylish look to complete your DIY projects. You can easily turn any table into a spectacular work of art that adds flair to your room. These durable hair pins are made of heavy duty materials to ensure they’re strong and sturdy and able to withstand your project needs. Pod welding enforces the strong metal, ensuring that your finished product is always superior and made to last.

When affixed to your table or other DIY project, the heavy duty hair pin metal legs provide an overall great look and finish. They add character and style to any ordinary table and you’ll definitely appreciate the unique charm they add to your room. You can quickly and easily attached them to metal or wood tables, and they work wonderfully on coffee tables for the living and common areas of your home. It takes just three or four minutes and you’re done when you have harpin legs for your project. Best of all, the hair pin metal leg are very simple and easy to use, even if you are a newcomer to the world of DIY products.

You can choose from the following sizes to accommodate your needs: 4 legs in each set.

  • Hairpin legs 8 Inches
  • Hairpin legs 16 Inches
  • Hairpin legs 22 Inches
  • Hairpin legs 28 Inches
  • Hairpin legs 30 Inches
  • Contact me for custom sizes

With these choices you always have the perfect amount of legs on hand at all times so that you can easily complete all of the tables and projects that you desire. Keep in mind that you will need a minimum of four legs for each of the tables that you complete. It is always better to have more than you need than to be without the right amount! You can buy Harpin legs right here, or get in touch with us for bulk orders and discount prices.