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42" to 54"

Dog Crate Pans 42 to 54

With our dog crate pans you can add style and comfort to your pet’s area. Dog crate pans give your furry friend a more secure spot, it helps keep the crate clean and even creates a more sophisticated look in your home. Our crates are hand-constructed by the Amish, ensuring a superior product that provides you with a lifetime of use. These are not the pans that you usually see –you know, the pans made out of cheap plastic materials that rip and break so easily and require constant replacing, if they even last through the dog chewing it apart. Yes, our crate pan could be the last one that you ever need to purchase! That’s just the beginning of the benefits offered with our dog crate pans. Without a doubt you want to add one of these awesome crate pans to your dog’s home.

We make it easy to get the perfect dog pan for your crate, and if you need help we’d be honoured to assist you in any way that we can. First, choose the perfect size for your crate. We have them available in 42 inches all the way up to 54 inches. This makes it simple and easy to get the right size pan to fit your large dog’s crate. Then choose a stainless steel or galvanized metal pan. It is constructed with 22 gauge metal, features welded and reinforced corners and is available in stainless steel or galvanized metal. It is one awesome crate pan that is designed to provide you with plenty of use.

No matter which metal dog crate pan you select, you can always count on getting a product that exceeds your expectations. We take special care to ensure all of our products are created with the customer in mind. We also vow to keep our prices affordable, so you can always expect our prices to blow your mind away. Compare the costs –you won’t find a better dog crate pan for the price.

Add a wooden dog crate cover to complete the package. Link to crate cover page add image