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About Us

Custom metal products are what we do best. We specialize in crafting the finest dog crate pans

for your four-legged companion. Our wooden dog crate started it all, but soon we realized that

we needed more. One of our valued customers suggested a steel crate pan. We thought the idea

was fantastic, and the rest is history. We offer a full line of wooden, plastic and metal crates to

suit your needs. Our goal is to be the custom metal shop that you trust to exceed your needs.

How do we do this?

First, we always provide quality products. We believe that to be the best you need products that

are also of a higher standard. We craft our products with care and precision while also using the

finest materials. This ensures that you purchase a quality product time after time.

Second, our prices are worth talking about. To thrive as a business you must provide quality

products but you cannot forget the affordability factor. We are very proud to offer our customers

the most competitive prices by selling direct to the customer. We urge you to compare; you

simply will not find the same quality for less.

Third, we believe in treating our customers like they should be treated. Whenever you work with

a company you want to know that you are valued, that your opinions matter and that you’re not

going to be thrown under the rug somewhere. When you shop with us you can always count on

exceptional customer service that meets your needs. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy, and

we love to smile far too much to leave things this way.

We are a company that sets ourselves to a higher standard. We are confident that we offer

everything that you could possibly want or need to have a happy purchase.